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Research shows :

Average cost to pay a single bill (Hours + Material)

Average collection period on a receivable


Small businesses finding it extremely frustrating to forecast cash flow


ACCOUNTANCY GROUP INTEGRATED PLATFORM eliminates paperwork and streamlines AP, AR, and cash flow management for you and your VENDORS & CLIENTS.It does this by providing an online document management system at the core and then facilitating the collaboration and workflow between your internal staff and clients, as well as the vendors and customers. AG moves the money and reconciles all of this activity with your system and your bank.

Are You at Risk?

What does it mean to have Real Control ?If you think of your current processes – how many clients, vendors and employees are you putting at risk of information mishandling due to your manual process…. Simply look again at:

  • Check stock in the desk drawer
  • Account information in the mail
  • Papers left out for possible manipulation

Where’s the Exposure?

  • Lack of proper internal controls
  • Loopholes in everyday business processes
  • Payment fraud
  • Lack of tools to detect fraud and security risks
  • Check stock easily accessible

(Source:Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2012 ‘Report to the Nations)

Eliminate Fraud and Errors

  • Complete and automatic transaction trail- Safe guard against Loss
  • Pay everyone electronically
  • Account information completely hidden. Prevent improperly mailed checks, reduce risk of information theft
  • Uses 256-bit encryption – just like your bank. Your data is backed up in multiple locations and encrypted. Funds are FDIC-insured
  • eliminates double entry and redundancy in transactions
  • Routes bills electronically to your designated approvers
  • No paper “touches” at any time – prevent “lost” bills, invoices, and contracts
  • Typical organization’s loss of its annual revenue to fraud (Smaller organizations higher) 5% 5%
  • Number of victim organizations that never recover any losses due to fraud 49% 49%


50% to 75% LESS TIME


You could save 50-75% of the cost and time in paying your bills



You could eliminate the conditions for fraud?



You could approve payments from a plane or a beach chair?

AG uses secure bank-level encryption and your data is always backed up.
You can securely access all of your financial documents, bills, invoices and transactions from any web browser or mobile device.
Quickly pay any vendor, large or small and invoice customers online.

Connects you to your colleagues, customers, vendors and advisors.

Improve cash flow and automate A/P and A/R.

Eliminate data entry, streamline vendor management and receive customer payments directly into your bank account.

Syncs with other accounting packages.


Accounts Payable- Old workflow

Required a minimum of 8 touches by 5+ people and took a week+ to complete

Accounts Payable- Our new Workflow

Our new efficient workflow- New process requires 5 touches by 5+ people yet takes 1 day


  • Pick Up Mail- Open
  • Process Bills
  • Post Bills
  • Send Report to Approver
  • Review with Approver
  • Coordinate with Vendor


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  • Generate Check- Run
  • Stuff Checks
  • Mail Checks
  • Coordinate with Vendor
  • Reconcile Bank Account



  1. Bills automatically sent to Inbox
  2. Coded, Routed for Approval
  3. Approved Paid (ePayment)


  • Built-In Transaction Trail and
  • cleared check images Workflow Management
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Business Software Synchronization

Real Advantage


Real Growth


Real Control

We bring you Real Growth. Reach Control. And Real Advantage – and we do it all at a low-cost and through a cloud based solution by Integrating AG Systems will most secure and reliable servers.


2 to 3 times Increase

Accounts Payable- Old workflow

Required a minimum of 11 touches by 5+ people and took weeks to complete

Accounts receivable- Our new Workflow

Our new efficient workflow – gets you paid faster! New process requires 6 touches by 5+ people yet takes 3-5 days


  • Create Invoice
  • Review Invoice
  • Print/Stuff/Mail
  • Incoming Calls
  • Email Notification
  • Incoming Calls/?s
  • Late Fees Assessed
  • Complaining Customer


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  • Review with Board
  • Return Call to Customer
  • Pick Up Mail
  • Open Mail
  • Process Checks
  • Post Payments
  • Enter Deposits
  • Deposit at Bank



  1. Create Invoice
  2. Synchronize
  3. Send & Track
  4. Payment Through Customer Portal
  5. Synchronize


  • Branded customer portal for payments
  • Automatic recurring invoices and auto payment
  • Online document exchange and collaboration

Save time & money

• Get your bills to us quickly and say goodbye to courier fees!
• No need to hunt for information for vendor inquiries or payment status
• Easily reconcile with bank account and sync with your business software

Work Smarter

• Better control over payment timing for outstanding bills
• Flexibility to designate who has access to make payments
• Control collections process by receiving payments directly to your account

Anytime, Anywhere

• Unlimited online document data storage from any computer or mobile device
• No more manual filing and retrieval or chasing people down for signatures
• Automated transaction trail and transaction history of all payment activities

Examples, Samples & Illustrations


Pay Smart with an efficient, paperless Accounts Payable workflow:

  • Receive bills online
  • Get bills approved quickly
  • Schedule online payments
  • Easily sync with your bookkeeping software




Get paid faster with a paperless Accounts Receivables process:

  • Create, send and track invoices online
  • Collaborate online with your customers
  • Get paid faster with automatic payments
  • Sync both invoice and payment activity with your accounting software

Value-Added Features

By automating our AG Accounting services with bill payment and invoicing end-to-end, we can now significantly boost efficiencies for you and our firm.

  1. Mobile payments and invoicing
  2. Unlimited document storage
  3. Cash flow management to-do list
  4. Know your daily balances and projected cash flows
  5. More secure vendor payments
  6. Get a complete view of transactions
  7. Full visibility with an audit trail online
  8. Vendor management streamlines daily inquiries

Mobile Payments: Pay On The Go

  • View/Approve bills
  • View approver notes
    • Make secure payments
    • Multiple bank accounts
    • Adjustable payment timing

Mobile Invoicing: Invoice On The Go

  • See all outstanding and overdue invoices in a dashboard
  • Email Invoices
  • Add notes for customers and see their comments

Unlimited document storage



Store and access all bills, invoices, contracts and other financial documents. Get unlimited storage . No more hunting through dusty filing cabinets.

Get a Personalized To-Do List



  • Access all your tasks from your personalized to-do list
  • Receive email alerts for to do list

Know Your Cash Position and Projected Cash Flows



  • Calendar shows actual or accrued cash coming in and going out
  • Updated book balance pulled from accounting software
  • See future cash flow to manage payment dates and operation needs.

More secure vendor payments


  • Payments to vendors are made with checks drawn on Bill.coms bank account
    • Applies advanced check fraud controls
    • Eliminates check printing and mailing
    • Ties payment to the transaction
  • The check shows the invoice to be paid and the account number
  • The bottom 2/3rd of the check voucher shows a copy of the invoice to ensure payment is applied correctly

Get a complete view of transactions


  • Access information anytime, anywhere, making life so much easier:
    • Bills
    • Contracts / Company Documents
    • Payment confirmations & cleared check images

Get full visibility with complete audit trail



  • The audit trail feature provides you and our firm with detailed information on “who” did “what” and “when”
  • Permission-based user roles allow you to determine what level of access you want others to have in your company

Vendor management streamlines daily inquiries


Bills are organized by vendor so you can:

  • Easily view outstanding bills, paid bills, all related invoices and documents and a complete payment history — all in one screen
  • Efficiently research vendor inquiries

Key Benefits of AG



By automating how we work with you to manage your payables and receivables, Accountancy Group makes it easy for you to pay smarter and get paid faster.



The AG service gives our vendors & clients best financial and cash flow management solution. We now have our complete financial department on our hands rather than the traditional archives.We now know our financial health immediately whenever we want, we now can make estimates on our financial future, we now easily approve and pay bills and the best thing is we can raise invoices instantly and get paid 50 times faster with our own dedicated payment portal. We have grown as well. The increased control of document retrieval has allowed us to recapture our investment many times over! The best thing we ever did was that we made a decision to join Accountancy Group!

Paul Khat

Owner, Sentience TMS

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