After joining AG- Premium Fixed Plan or higher , you get to add a new department to your company. You can add a logo of ProAdvisors as your advisors in your website. Simply forward us your related calls and meeting invites and enjoy our elegant service!

Complete Package

  • Payroll – Full Service
  • Financial Reporting – Full Service
  • Taxation – Full Service
  • Bookkeeping – Full Service
  • Company Start-up – Full Service
  • Online Document Management Portal- Full Service
  • Professional Training – Full Service
  • iPhone and Android Apps- Full Service

BOSS Purchases

  • Purchase software for your business (monthly payment)
  • Purchase Payroll management system for your company (monthly payment)
  • Purchase Online Bill Pay or invoice receivables & payable(s)  management system (monthly payment)
  • Purchase secure online document management system (monthly payment)
  • Purchase Apps support

AG-Accesses for Office staffs

  • iPhone and Android app to update the bills and invoices
  • Online Access to bills/invoices
  • Online immediate (real time) cash forecast reports
  • Online and phone app access to timesheets (for review and approval)
  • Ability to manage permissions
  • Ability to add and remove the staffs or employees
  • Ability to request financial reports

Employee Time-sheets

  • Branded with your company Name and Logo
  • Access pay-stubs
  • Enter time
  • Weekly/bi-weekly or monthly options
  • Approve time-sheet
  • Withhold State and Federal Taxes
  • Record transaction in QuickBooks

Payroll- Employer Access

  • Review each employee time-sheet
  • Approve time-sheet before payment is made
  • W2 Employees or 1099 Contactor Option
  • Set permission/rights for other office staffs
  • Request payroll reports
  • View payroll tax reports
  • Phone Apps and online

Bill Payables

  • Update books with digital bills (data entry)
  • Get approval on Bills Payables
  • Pay bills (bank transaction charge $ .49)
  • General Entry in QuickBooks

**Other charges may apply

Invoice Receivables

  • Update books with digital bills (data entry)
  • Get approval on invoices
  • Pay bills (bank transaction charge $ .49)
  • General Entry in QuickBooks

**Other charges may apply

Bank Reconciliation

  • Match all the transactions with bank
  • Clean up the quick-books
  • Reassign the categories and classes for each transactions
  • Transfer funds for next month
  • Monthly
  • Generate final reports


  • Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Taxation
  • Payroll multiple- state  taxation
  • Corporate, Investment  and Income Taxation
  • 1040 -Schedule C, S-Corp, Franchise Tax etc
  • Tax Returns Secure Storage and 24/7/365 access
  • Tax Estimates etc

Year end books closing

  • Bank reconciliation
  • QuickBooks clean up
  • Generate final reports
  • Close all current fiscal year books
  • Migrate Ending Balance Equity to next year

CFO- Financial Reports

  • Generate monthly Balance Sheet reports
  • Generate monthly P/L Reports
  • Generate monthly Aging reports
  • Generate monthly payroll reports
  • Generate monthly taxes reports
  • Generate yearly Balance Sheet reports
  • Generate yearly P/L Reports
  • Generate yearly Aging reports
  • Generate yearly payroll reports
  • Generate yearly taxes reports
  • Generate other financial reports as per request (no extra cost)


CFO- Financial Planning- Additional support

  • Suggest in company financial planning
  • Lease or Buy decision
  • ROI decisions
  • Quick ratio calculations
  • Investment planning
  • New (or subsidiary) company establishment
  • GAAP compliance, tax compliance and SOX compliance

Let’s set criteria that will help you decide?

Does any of these question apply to you? If yes, then we have some solution listed below. If no then you are already protected & excelling in your business- congratulations!
1. Are you tied down to your bookkeeping Task?

Normally, we have seen Owners & Managers tied down. They must be physically present to approve bills, invoices or sign checks.

2. Are you frustrated with Paper management, filings, cabinets and the inefficiencies or search, locates and protect them for many years?

Paper documents are lost or held up in workflow due to unavailability or inefficiency of the individuals involved to process, manage and protect those documents.

3. Loss of excessive Staff Time & Energy
  • Excessive staff time, energy & physical & mental effort are spend on:
  • Printing Checks, Stuffing in Envelope, posting and tracking
  • Entering transactions into books
  • Reconciling & rescheduling un-cleared checks
  • Researching & following up on bills & payments history to answer queries from clients, vendors, employees & customers
4. Loss of Staff hours in Maintainance of papers & their protection

Excessive staff time spend maintaining papers files & tracking down documents that have been removed, misfiled, or archived off-site.

Rethink- AG Services

If any of above criteria question is related to your business then you should rethink your business procedure & calculate the loss in overall efficiency. AG would recommend you to improve your current processes and establish a reliable & efficient system that allows your business to be grown indefinitely and with the market. Information or data processing systems is changing and will impact all businesses, especially the businesses who could not adapt to the new changes. Here are list of few ideas & beliefs that our clients were initially either ashamed to share or believe to be true unconditionally, but later on decided to try and never left us. Let’s explore each one of those ideas/beliefs with the possible AG solution:
1. If you think “We are not ready, our books are mess”
Let us help you clean up your books; we will do it with the minimal cost. Cost is dependent on the total effort hour spend to re-organize your books and the hour itself is dependent on the number of bank accounts, number of transactions, number of invalid transactions, employee/staff numbers, number of access etc. It will definitely help you organize and grow in future. Sooner is always better than last moment panic!
2. If you think, “Our process works, why should we change?”

Reevaluate your company  processes and look outside to understand how other successful companies are managing their books? It won’t take much time to understand that they have increased efficiency of performing the same task with more accuracy, reliability, security & with an ease. Technologies are designed to improve your performance. Let us amaze you with items you thought never to be possible before! Compare our cost with other companies for the same or similar services- you will see the real differences. Your Advisor will always be with you when you need them!
See our fixed prices & services or create your own plan: CLICK HERE

3. If you think, “We like the security of having a paper trail”

Then rethink! If you think paper is more secure ways of creating AUDIT trails than electronics audit trail – then take this opportunity to explore what is missing with that idea. Just think why your emails or phone are now better way of communication than traditional telegraph system.

Electronics AUDIT trails are much durable than paper, keeping a reliable, time stamped record of every interaction. Electronics documents like SLAs, Contracts, Bills, Invoices, email communications and additional notes are part of each transaction which will never be lost by fire, flood, hurricane, and theft or misfiling. Simply, curtailing the use of paper checks avoids a huge potential risk for loss or fraud.

Not yet sure then simply call your banks and ask them for their digital security, fraud protection, electronic audit trails benefits and risks of using papers instead of electronic system.

Your Accounting system with AG will have same level of security & encryption that your current bank provides. Positive Pay Fraud protection is included in all services & it is Free.

4. If you think, “We don’t have time to learn a new process”

Most your tasks are transferred to our accountants, advisors and tech support team to let you free to do your real business. Let us schedule a quick walkthrough meeting- you will be trained in an hour. Everything happens in just few clicks, we work in backend 24 hours to maintain & manage your accounting system.

Complete this form for on-boarding and training- CLICK HERE

5. If you think, “Automated Systems cause more problems than they solve”

AG IT team constantly monitors and maintains the AG system and its Integrated Platform to eliminate the chances of inconsistency in AG Accounting Solution.

Automation is required to help you support by providing the immediate real time access to every accounting details from the banks charges, payroll payments, bill payments & even the revenue streams in real time. You do not have to go to office to see who is paid & who is still left to be paid, you simply open you phone and click login to view everything.

Anywhere-anytime access will help you see what is happening in your accounts, approve or deny the transactions, keep auto reminders to follow-up on bill & invoices dues, automatically manage your staffs and even your customers. Just with internet access and with few clicks – send a paper check or paper invoice even when you are flying, project your cash flow future even when you are in meeting (normally take 2 clicks & few seconds), generate reports and approve time sheets even resting in beach (normally takes – 2 clicks & few seconds), may payment or ask for payment in just few seconds.

If you dreamed of having your own dedicated portal to your customers where they can view their bills and pay payment, set up auto pay – then your dream came true! It is included and will be available real-time for you and your customers with no extra cost.

6. If you think, “We prefer to handle these processes ourselves; we do not need an advisor involved”

It is true & most frequent question and the simple answer is subscription to the experts (with centralized systems & experience to provide specific expertise) with minimal cost is the future of all businesses. In other word, why do we need Internet Service Provider (example- Verizon FIOS) or  even a lawyer , those services are not absolutely necessary if you decide to bypass them, but still we want those experts to support our current operations. We do not want to create a team of lawyers to deal with courts & laws or FIOS team to create our own internet service.

With AG you can definitely have your own staff in your office and create different roles for each staffs – example A/R staff access only the invoices and gets the payments, A/P staff only access the bills and makes the payments, advisors can access all the transactions and create reports and file taxes as needed. Owners or approvers can approve timesheets, bills and even invoices. We manage and maintain your current system with the added layer of transaction trail, automation, anywhere –anytime access and ease of few clicks.

You can add as many employees or staffs as you want with different roles with minimal cost. Don’t you want to open up your cell-phone/PC or Mac & do everything in just few clicks and restrict access to protected documents? Do you know how much it cost to a company if sued for the protected information mishandling? You are liable to all the papers & documents that are around your office or in the desk of your employee.

7. If you think, “Our cash flow is tight, so automating payments could be a problem”

AG provides several features that address the tight case:

  • Ability to precisely schedule and reschedule bill payments
  • Daily Sync with company books/ledgers
  • Access to accurate and live cash on hand or cash view anytime-anywhere
  • Speedier payment for immediate payment (cost extra)
  • Ability to forecast and decide payments
  • Ability to add approvers for bills
  • Control  payroll payments & TAX  payments

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